Todd Howard confirms that neither Elder Scrolls 6 nor Starfield will be at Bethesda’s 2019 E3 conference.

Just happened during the TES25 Anniversary stream. Timestamp about 2:10:35, VOD isn't up on YouTube yet so here's a link to Twitch:

YouTube link to the in-house video they made (which shows off some new tech stuff):

I have to say that I expected that there wouldn't be any TES stuff, but I did not expect there to be no Starfield. Pretty disappointing, but I suppose it's better to let it stay in the cooker as long as it has to.

We also got a small peak at some of the tech they're working on for Starfield and TESVI, including photogrammetry for environments. They also shared that they flew Skyrim Grandma out and used the same photogrammetry to scan her into the game, and that she'll be an NPC whenever the game comes out.

They also said in no uncertain terms that they're currently in the process of developing the tech that will run Starfield and TESVI. The first version of that tech will be for Starfield, and the 2.0 version will be used to develop Elder Scrolls VI.

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